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Math 121: Precalculus

Course Prerequisites

One of:

Course Description

The following topics will be covered: properties and graphs of functions (polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions); solving equations; trigonometric identities and applications of trigonometric functions; complex numbers; and an introduction to vectors.  Extensive computer use required.

Credit Awarded

4 hours of credit (some exceptions noted below)

Credit is not given for Math 121 if the student has credit in MATH 165MATH 170, or  MATH 180.

Course Materials


Precalculus by Michael Sullivan, 11th edition, published by Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Note that a MyLab Math code is required for this course while the printed textbook is optional.

MyLab Math

A MyLab Math code linked to your Blackboard account is required for this course.  To ensure your MyLab Math code is properly linked to your blackboard account you should purchase your MyLab Math code through the link in Blackboard.  Your MyLab Math code will include an electronic version of the textbook, buying a printed copy is optional.

If you wish to buy a printed copy of the textbook, a bundle including both the the printed textbook and MyLab Math access code is available from the UIC Bookstore.  You may instead wish to purchase a MyLab Math code via the link in Blackboard and buy a used textbook.

If you purchase your access code in any other manner than following the link in blackboard, be sure not to use this access code for any other purpose before you link your Blackboard account to your MyLab Math account.

Sample Exams Heading link

Course Schedule Heading link

The following is a typical 15-week Fall or Spring semester schedule for MATH 121. During the Summer sessions, the schedule is condensed into 8 weeks.
Sections Topics
Week 1

Sec 4.1-4.2
Transformations of Graphs Review
Polynomial Functions
Properties of Rational Functions
Week 2

Sec 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2
Graphing Rational Functions
Composite Functions
1-1 and Inverse Functions
Week 3

Sec 5.3 - 5.5
Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Properties of Logs
Week 4

Sec 5.6
Log & Exp Functions
Week 5

Sec 5.7-5.8, 6.2-6.2
Financial Models, Growth & Decay Models
Angles & Their Measure
Unit Circle & Trig Functions
Week 6

Sec 6.3
Properties of Trig Functions
Week 7

Sec 6.4, 6.6
Graphing Sind & Cos
Sin & Cos Graphing Applications
Week 8

Sec 6.5, 7.1- 7.2
Graphing Tan, Cot, Sec, Csc
Inverse Sin, Cos, &Tan
More Inverse Trig Functions
Week 9

Sec 7.3
Exam Review
Trig Equations
Week 10

Trig Equations
Week 11

Sec 7.4- 7.5
Trig Identities
Sum & Difference Formulas
Week 12

Sec 7.6-7.7
Double & Half Angle Formulas
Product-to-Sum & Sum-to-Product Formulas
Properties of Logs
Week 13

Sec 8.1-8.2
Review for Quiz
Right Triangle Trig
Law of Sines
Week 14

Sec 8.3
Law of Cosines
Review for Quiz
Week 15

Sec 9.1, 9.3
Polar Coordinates
Complex Number Review
Complex Plane; De Moivre's Theorem

List of Topics Heading link

The following topics are covered in the Math 1212
Section Topic(s)
4.1 Polynomial Functions
4.2 Properties of Rational Functions
4.3 Graphing Rational Functions
5.1 ??
5.2 ??
5.3 Exponential Functions
5.4 Logarithmic Functions
5.5 Properties of Logs
5.6 ??
5.7 Financial Models
5.8 Growth & Decay Model
6.1 Unit Circle
6.2 Trigonometric Functions
6.3 Properties of Trigonometric Functions
6.4 Graphing Sine and Cosine
6.6 Applications of Graphing Sine and Cosine
6.5 Graphing Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, Cosecant
7.1 Inverse Sine, Cosine, Tangent
7.2 more Inverse Trigonometric Functions
7.3 Trigonometric Equations
7.4 Trigonometric Identities
7.5 Sum & Difference Formulas
7.6 Double & Half Angle Formulas
7.7 Product-to-Sum & Sum-to-Product Formulas
8.1 Right Triangle Trigonometry
8.2 Law of Sines
8.3 Law of Cosines
9.1 Polar Coordinates
9.2 Polar Graphs
9.3 Complex Plane, De Moivre's Theorem