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Math 088: Intermediate Algebra Workshop

Course Prerequisite(s)


Course Description

This is a co-requisite course for Math 090 students. It is intended to address gaps in students’ mathematical knowledge and provide them with problem solving tactics and tools to help them succeed in Math 090 and subsequent courses. Some of the topics are:

  • order of operations
  • properties of real numbers
  • problem solving and mathematical language
  • calculation without a calculator
  • distribution and factoring
  • exponents and radicals

A student who received a Satisfactory in Math 090 but an Unsatisfactory in Math 088 can advance to Math 110 (or any other course that has Math 090 as a prerequisite). However, the Unsatisfactory grade remains on their transcript for Math 088.
A student who receives an Unsatisfactory in Math 090 but a Satisfactory in Math 088 has to repeat Math 090 but will not be required to repeat Math 088.

A student who was required to take this class by the result of the placement test, must remain enrolled in Math 088 in order to remain enrolled in Math 090. Dropping Math 088, or insufficient attendance to Math 088, may result in you being dropped from Math 090.

Credit Awarded

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only.  No credit toward graduation is awarded.