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Math 090: Intermediate Algebra

Course Prerequisites:

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Course Description

The course covers the following topics: Linear equations and inequalities, absolute values, linear graphs and modeling, systems of equations, functions, quadratic equations, exponents and polynomials, factoring, radicals and rational exponents.

Credit Awarded

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading only.  No credit toward graduation is awarded.

Course Materials:


Intermediate Algebra Connecting Concepts Through Application, 2nd ed, by Mark Clark and Cynthia Anfinson; Cengage

Note that a WebAssign code is required for this course while the printed textbook is optional


WebAssign is a web-based learning software. Students will need a WebAssign access code, which includes an electronic version of the textbook, so students are not required to buy the book. Webassign can also be purchased with a NEW hard copy of the book.


Calculators will NOT be used on exams, so please keep this in mind while working on homework.

List of Topics Heading link

The following textbook sections/topics are covered in Math 090
Section Topic
1.1 Solving Linear Equations
1.2 Fundamentals of Graphing and Slope
1.3 Intercepts and Graphing
1.4 Finding Equations of Lines
1.5 Functions and Function Notation
2.1 Systems of Linear Equations
2.2 Solving Systems Using Substitution Method
2.3 Solving Systems Using Elimination Method
2.4 Solving Linear Inequalities
2.5 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
3.1 Rules of Exponents
3.2 Combining Functions
3.3 Composing Functions
3.4 Factoring Polynomials
3.5 Special Factoring Techniques
4.1 Quadratic Polynomials and Parabolas
4.2 Graphing Quadratic Functions from Vertex Form
4.4 Solving Quadratic Equations - Square Root Property and Completing the Square
4.5 Solving Equations by Factoring (Exclude: Solving Nonlinear Polynomial Inequalities)
4.6 Solving Quadratic Equations - Quadratic Formula
4.7 Graphing Quadratic Functions from Standard Form (Exclude: Graphing Quadratic Inequalities in 2 Variables)
7.1 Rational Functions and Variation
7.2 Simplifying Rational Expressions
7.3 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
7.4 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (Exclude: Simplying Complex Fractions)
8.1 Radical Functions
8.2 Graphing Radical Functions
8.3 Adding and Subtracting Radicals