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Math 110: College Algebra

Course Prerequisite(s)

Course Description

The course covers, between other topics: functions, composition and inverses, graphs and transformations, piece-wise functions, polynomial and rational equations and graphing, exponential functions, logarithms, graphs and applications of exponential and logarithmic functions, circles and brief introduction to trigonometry. Extensive computer use required.

Credit Awarded

4 hours of credit (some exceptions noted below)

Credit is not given for Math 110 if the student has credit in MATH 121, MATH 165, MATH 170, or MATH 180.

Course Materials


College Algebra by James Stewart, 7th edition, Cengage Learning.

Note that a WebAssign code is required for this course while the printed textbook is optional


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List of Topics Heading link

The following topics are covered in Math 110
Section Topic
2.1 Functions
2.2 Graphs of Functions
2.3 Using Information from Graphs
2.4 Average Rate of Change
2.5 Linear Models
2.6 Transformations of Functions
2.7 Combining Functions
2.8 One-to-one Functions and Inverse Functions
3.1 Quadratic Functions and Models
3.2 Polynomial Functions and Graphs
3.3 Dividing Polynomials
3.4 Real Zeros of Polynomials
3.5 Complex Zeros & the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
3.6 Rational Functions
4.1 Exponential Functions
4.2 The Natural Exponential Function
4.3 Logarithmic Functions
4.4 Laws of Logarithms
4.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
4.6 Modeling with Exponential Functions
5.1 Unit Circle
5.2 Trigonometric Functions of Real Numbers
5.3 Graphs of Sine and Cosine
5.5 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
6.2 Right Angle Trigonometry