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Math 165: Calculus for Business

Course Prerequisite(s)

One of:

Course Description

Math 165 is a calculus course intended for those studying business, economics, or other related business majors. The following topics are presented with applications in the business world: functions, graphs, limits, exponential and logarithmic functions, differentiation, integration, techniques and applications of integration, partial derivatives, optimization, and the calculus of several variables. Each textbook section has an accompanying homework set to help the student better understand the material.

Credit Awarded

5 hours (some exceptions noted below)

Prior credit for MATH 170 or MATH 180 will be lost with subsequent completion of MATH 165.


None required


Gradarius is an online-learning tool for calculus.  A “Complete” account is required for this course.  It can be purchased by following the link provided in the blackboard page for this course.

Sample Exams and Review Material Heading link

List of Topics Heading link

The following topics are covered Math 165
Module Topics
1 Limits, Continuity
2 Rates of Change, The Derivative
3 Derivative Rules, Product/Quotient Rules, Chain Rule
4 Logarithms and Exponentials, Implicit Differentiation, Marginal Analysis
5 Maxima/Minima, Applications of Maxima/Minima, Elasticity
6 Higher Order Derivatives, Graphs, Related Rates
7 Indefinite Integral, Method of Substitution
8 Definite Integral, Fundamental Theorem
9 Integration by Parts, Area Between Curves, Averages
10 Consumer/Producer’s Surplus, Income Streams, Improper Integrals
11 Multi-Variable Functions, Partial Derivatives
12 Maxima/Minima/Saddle Points, LaGrange Multipliers